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Door:(…) It’s simply impassible!
Alice: Why, don’t you mean impossible?
Door: No, I do mean impassible. (chuckles) Nothing’s impossible!”

It was October 2017 when we passed the impassible door to find our own journey. It wasn’t the same path that Alice followed, but we found it extremely exciting. After all, it’s our own path. Yard 46 is the collection of our dreams, experience and passions. It’s the cherry on top of our long-term commitment to excellence. We always believed that at some point we will create something unique, and we always wanted to make it in Kendal. This is our place on Earth, in which we found everything that we need in life.

We are at the start of our journey, so whether you are visiting us for the first time, or you have been coming here for a long time, we look forward to welcoming you in our café to enjoy awesome coffee, juices, homemade cakes, all day brunch, lunch or occasional dinner!

James, Sabina and Team x

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